Party of the Year

A poem I wrote about social introversion, and the way it’s often parallel with the seasons.

Party of the Year

Promising January

Pushed me through the door,

After a long winter, praying for warmth.

Cold drinks and the sweeping of wind

For a while made me linger,

But the fermented scent of strangers

Or friends (I didn’t know which)

Was the spring air that called from the booming forest.

I took off my jacket.

Flowers bloomed in my brain; I tried not to

Glance at those wilting by the window,

Or was it the couple glancing from the armchair?

These people are the sun, I thought. I danced in their rays.

Sweat came in bursts, but I wiped it back

Like a horse’s tail expelling a fly.

The buzzing boys filled the room in a moment,

And I was surrounded.

The nectar was taken and the bees rejoiced.

People arrived with the wind in their voices,

And I willed the storm to stop. It did not.

“I’m ruining it,” I grimaced; I knew it was true.

Blame it on me and none of it on you.

For I brought the bees in, but no one heard the buzzing

And next to these people, I feel their wind pick up.

Spilt drinks, a light shower turning to hail.

Snide looks, the thunder that sends me home.

Sorry voices, the quiet chirp of birds emerging from the night.

“We didn’t know you felt that way.”

What use is that anyway?




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