New places with old faces: first visits, in pics

I feel like this is going to happen too many times in the future. But I’m sorry. I’m terrible for not doing a blog post in ages. The fact is, not a lot has been happening and I didn’t want to write a deep post about staring out of my window, or shamefully getting invested into the children’s Netflix shows my sister watches in the living room. But now I’m back to writing, and I’m listening to Lorde’s ‘Perfect Places’ on repeat (still thinking about the music video), and I’m a lot happier!

This year, I’ve been a newcomer to quite a few places – but not over any seas! Along with my boyfriend and family, I’ve explored the appeal of my own country, and learned not to feel bitter about not going abroad to have fun. When I was younger, I used to be so disappointed when my family said we were staying put in the UK for a holiday. I thought, well, what’s the point? But now being an adult and having the ability to go places of my own accord, I’ve realised that sometimes half the fun of travelling is being able to go there even when you’re on a budget. You’re also void of the stress of travelling a long distance, with a long list of things to remember, amongst long queues of people.

Three new places I’ve visited this year are:

Stratford-upon-Avon – Shakey baby’s birthplace, now shrine.

Royal Leamington Spa – one of my best friends, Maddie, lives in this whitewashed, miniature Paris. I went to visit her in July, and now I’m quite jealous that she has such a nice place to photograph for her own blog ( on her doorstep.

The Lake District – me and my family went to this lovely hiker and sailor’s haven for our holiday. I just want to tell my younger, unimpressed self that it rejuvenated me, and that you’ll love the homemade ice cream.


I’m so glad I visited this idyllic little place this year! I’m not completely obsessed with Shakespeare, but I really enjoy his stuff and usually get really stuck into it if we’re studying his work at uni. A fab work experience opportunity came up with the Royal Shakespeare Company, so I signed up, and a few weeks later I hopped on a train to Stratford with my boyfriend, Nathan. It was a perfect day out away from the usual surroundings of our flat in Birmingham.

Relaxing by the river, happy after 2 hours in the RSC offices!
Nathan, lost without me, consoles himself by taking pictures of the river



‘Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more’



I’m enjoying my day out, but I’m still texting
Having a good old catch up. Remember me from the first year Plays and Performance module?
Why does Nathan take such good photos of insects?!

Royal Leamington Spa

After weeks of saying, “We need to double date”, “Yeah we really do”, we actually did. Me and Nathan visited Maddie and her boyfriend, Sam, in their hometown. It was a very cute day. I’ve actually never been anywhere like it in the UK, with its tall white architecture and sun-drenched park. It weirdly felt like I was abroad, as it was paired with a lovely sunshine.

Seriously, this looks like Germany or something
Me and Maddie Mae xxx
This way to Coffee Architects – a very cute place in Leamington to catch up over coffee and cake!
Here’s me evidently squeezing Nathan a little too hard in Jephson Gardens (a very pretty place)
A squirrel of Leamington


I got no makeup but I got a nice backdrop!


The Lake District

I think if I hadn’t gone here in my summer holidays, they would’ve been considerably more suffocating. I love being at home, but as the days drew nearer to our week away I was increasingly more relieved that we were going away. I was also happy it was somewhere I’d never visited. We ditched the usual touristy scene of Windermere lake to go for a boat ride on Ullswater, the lesser visited but arguably more beautiful lake in the area. The trip yielded many bright and green photos, tasty pub meals, and amazing cups of tea as we lay aching on the sofa after a long day’s walk.

Our adorable pink cottage!


A cup of tea is better with a good window view
My phone actually does such a good job of capturing what you actually see with your eyes
Me having fun in a stream – I kept insisting we stop to walk about in them – repping Ivy Park, of course!
I’m on a boat


Um, heart eyes emoji
Boating around on Ullswater


The first rule upon arriving at any new place is to take a selfie in its bathroom
That’s Lake Windermere in the distance
I wish I’d seen a red squirrel
Amazing homemade ice cream, made even better by the fact that it was 30 seconds up the road!


I’m very very excited to be going back to Birmingham really soon, and I hope I get to experience more first visits during my second year of uni. Stay tuned xxx



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  1. Katie Henry says:

    Love it! Btw I too am in love with Perfect Places I could listen to it all day.

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