The Beth behind the BGT Blogs

Hi friends, here are a few things about me.

  • I’m 18 and have lived in West Yorkshire for most of my life, but I now live in Birmingham whilst at university.
  • I’m a first year student at the University of Birmingham, studying English and Creative Writing. My degree you might find to make sense if you see posts where I’m attempting to share my writing. I have to really like it to put it on here though. Like, really like it. Thankfully, I have others around me to boost my confidence in what comes out of my head. I really enjoy English and I’m glad I decided to pursue it.
  • ‘BGT’ is simply my initials, Beth Gordon-Taylor. (Not Britain’s Got Talent, thankfully, if there was any confusion.) BGT Blogs is pretty self explanatory after that, really.
  • I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a shy, introverted person but I’m pretty sure that comes across clear to most people anyway. I’m very happy in my own company and this explains why I enjoy things like reading, writing and drawing. I’m also quite sensitive like the typical overthinking, overdramatic English student, but I’m proud of this trait. It means I care, guys!
  • Despite the fact that I’m normally just in my own world, I weirdly also love to let loose and dance (not professional, mind, psht!) and am always ready to take control of the aux. So sorry if you’re not with me on this next point…
  • I am absolutely obsessed with Beyoncé (and will probably talk about her on this blog). There’s so much about her and her music that I love. I went to the Formation World Tour on 5th July 2016, and it honestly changed my life.
  • Other music artists I listen to a lot are Solange, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Drake, Tinashe, Sade, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Ariana Grande. I also have a big weakness for 80s and 90s R&B and soul, and other music from those eras in general. Mum taught me.
  • I’m a very big fan of sweet treats and have always had a sweet tooth. Because of that, I’m ashamed to say there probably won’t be very many healthy lifestyle posts on this blog. But who needs those anyway. Treat yourself.
  • Even though I love to eat unhealthily, I don’t mind going for a run every now and then. It’s amazing for anxiety and stress.
  • I have two sisters, Mary (three years older) and Alice (eleven years younger). They are hilarious, they are my rocks and my bond with both of them is something I’m so glad I have.
  • I’m hoping running this blog will further ignite my passion for writing and happiness about things in my life.
    • Instagram: @bethg.t
    • Twitter: @bethgordont_